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Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez photo Mark Sanchez
  • Black Belt

Mark Sanchez is a Relson Gracie Black Belt under Josh Lauber. Mark started his jiu-jitsu journey while stationed with the Navy in San Diego in 2000. Mark is a current LEO with SAPD and has been serving the San Antonio community since 2004. In 2010 Mark started jiu-jitsu with Josh Lauber at Relson Gracie San Antonio and in 2013 as a blue belt began to assist in teaching. Mark has taught a Sunday class at RGSA since purple belt, and since being awarded his brown belt from Josh Lauber he also teaches a Tuesday evening class. In June of 2010 Mark was awarded his BlackBelt from Josh Lauber under the supervision of Relson Gracie after passing Relsons Black Belt self defense test.