Congrats to Enyeto Mystic on his promotion to yellow belt! 
Thanks to Rhalan Gracie for a great seminar!
Here is a link to a great article by TXMMA Contributor and journalist for the grappling and MMA scene in Texas, Mike Calimbas. If you have any stories to share about your children send us an email, we'd love to here them! 

Article Link

We have classes for children starting at 3 years old. Bring the kids to check out a class!

Mondays morning class (11AM - 12PM) is now an open mat to all members!
Rhalan Gracie will be holding a seminar July 25th at RGJJSA. Rhalan always adds to your game every seminar! Come and join us...See you on the mat!

$50 for members
$60 for non-members
Available for privates on Sun (7/26), Mon (7/27), Tues (7/28).
Call Joshua @ 680-8900 for details.
Privates are $100 and $60 each for semi privates (2 people)

The Monday 530 Class is now another Self Defense Class...You now have 2 Classes a week to learn the very important Gracie Self Defense Program...Monday and Friday @ 530pm.